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the Club. Our new Madison Café

& Shop is open, members can now

use the new Randolph drive and

atrium entry and

our Clubhouse’s

100th birthday

is approaching

in April. These

changes are part of

a clear, thought out

strategic plan by

the leaders of this

organization, and

will be among what helps shape our

next 100 years.

Ultimately, the DAC is not about

a building or even the idea of what a

social place should be. It’s about the

people, the members of the Club, and

how they come together to better the

city and community around them.

Certainly we are also about

bettering our facilities, improving

services and making the DAC

every single member’s home away

from home. This takes great vision

and effort. It also takes a focused

approach to relationships.

Another change this month is that

we have moved our annual Roster

issue, the listing of members and

their contact details. This document

first appeared in 1919. Today it

remains a record of our history as

well as recognition of what’s at the

heart of the DAC – our members.

With the March magazine

publishing just a few weeks before

the April centennial book, we

decided to move the Roster’s

publication to October. This allowed

our magazine team time to produce

over 500 pages in four DAC editions

since last December.

It reminds us that we are about

valuing each other, and not just our

treasured building.


J.G. T




Marvelous March

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